The Points to Consider on Cell Tower Lease

There are numerous people who do wonder how much it’ll cost for cell tower lease. Well the problem here is, there’s no definite answer to this question as different buyers pay for different price point for different leases at a different time. Therefore, if you would like to get a fair price then you should break it down.

Location of rooftop or tower – it’s an intricate evaluation of the lease value when talking about the location of cell tower. For older towers, it may have a less important cell phone carriers because they have filled in coverage by buying another carrier’s cell site. They have come to a deal in getting their equipment on site of their competitor or perhaps, bought the entire carrier. It doesn’t matter if the site is considered as an essential part of the coverage, the present and the future is always a basic element that is considered to get the right price.

Another element that is used in computing a fair value is the present rent paid by the carrier or competitor. Red more about how to get a cell tower on your property.

Remaining term on the lease – many buyers won’t allow you to know that the less the time you have on cell tower lease, the bigger the worth it has. Buyers know that they are on the edge to renegotiating the lease as most leases are subpar when it comes to the escalators, co-location and monthly rent. Most of the time, they could double up the price of rental, improve escalators and add participation in subleases.

Co-location rent, escalators and rent – escalation clauses, rentals and the co-location rents are negotiable. You just have to understand the significance of cell site to carrier or carriers who occupy the rooftop or tower. There are actually some sites that are more important in comparison to others and that the cell lease buyers will consider this in mind when bidding on lease.

Know your cell tower lease buyers – keep in mind that you’re still dealing with companies and these companies are notorious for making huge profits in such transactions. They have sales people who are paid more if they could get the lease for less. In regards to this matter, you may have to work with a cell tower lease specialist or attorney who can help you navigate through this and ensure that you are talking to the right people and getting a fair lease rate. For more information click here:

Use a cell tower consultant – basically, a cell tower consultant or adviser or cell tower broker will help you make money. So on your deal, they are going to be an invaluable part of the transaction.


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